Singapore Launch Emira Magma Red


The pioneering spirit of innovation at Lotus, both on the road and racetrack, has been key in delivering the success it has enjoyed throughout its 75 years. At the heart of its core principles today remains Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s obsession with light weight. ‘Simplify then add lightness’ was his philosophy, at a time way before minimalism was fashionable. The other essential elements of the Lotus DNA are outstanding dynamic performance, particularly in the field of ride and handling, and optimised aerodynamics.

Traditionally a Lotus car has always featured the least number of parts but because each is so precisely engineered and often performs more than one function. Even today, this approach is at the heart of its business – redefining conventions every day, utilizing the latest in composite materials and adding new technologies to its models. The company strives not just in thought, but in practice as well, to deliver the Lotus philosophy – to be always ‘For The Drivers’.