Wearnes Automotive
Hong Kong

Pre-owned Cars

If a new car is not what you are looking for right now, ask about our fleet of pre-owned cars instead.

Wearnes Automotive, one of Southeast Asia's most established car retailers, is proud to present our exciting range of pre-owned Volvo cars in Hong Kong.

Every car is put through stringent quality checks, priced attractively and groomed meticulously, just like any new car. Our customers are also safe in the knowledge that only genuine parts are used on our cars that are maintained by trained specialists. To add to your peace-of-mind, we offer 90-day warranty on all pre-owned vehicles sold through us.

You could also reach us at our showroom at this listing. To view the most comprehensive selection of cars for sale, call +852 2927 3390 or visit the Volvo Pre-owned Website. You could also reach us at our showroom, or complete the Online Enquiry to tell us your requirements.